These days in the Tourism sector there is just one topic

Our industry is facing one of the greatest threats ever seen

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the entire world in alarm, but without a doubt, the Tourism industry more than any other is getting a terrible impact. We are all going through very difficult times, both personally and businesswise.

We are experiencing an unprecedented crisis, which therefore also requires exceptional measures to be taken.

We are offering as much support as possible to the Tourism sector and our members, implementing a contingency plan. 

On our website, we have arranged a summary of press releases, official statements, and keys from regulatory bodies and government ministries to have an objective perspective on the global situation of COVID-19 at all times, as well as useful resources of valuable content for the Tourism and Travel industry.

Political and financial commitments are essential to ensure that Tourism can lead a broader economic and social recovery, as has been demonstrated in past situations, due to the highly resilient nature of the sector and its ability to recover strongly. 

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We are concerned of course, but not everything is negative.

A steadfast commitment can be seen from all the companies and organisations involved in getting Tourism back up on its feet and that the business can be viable when the crisis is overcome.

Another of the most positive aspects is the coordination between Tourism and health officials to guarantee the containment of the epidemic. Hopefully, this is an initiative that will continue over time, as it is important not only for responding to emergencies but to meet future challenges. 

Another thing that I would like to comment on is that I have noticed in general a better citizen awareness of the traveller; perhaps fear improves our behaviors and helps us globally to prevent the circulation of all kinds of diseases. 

Today each person has become extremely aware that taking care of themselves also protects the next.

And what will the future of the Tourism industry look like in the short and medium-term?

The industry is preparing and analyzing some ideas: hotel reservations with the right to free cancellation, airlines' commitment to eliminate the flight change fee, strengthening customer service to solve questions, travel agencies and insurance companies will also review their policies around cancellation and insurance, and months of low-cost prices will come to tempt travelers!

Everyone agrees that the recovery will be gradual and at first, there will be a preference for getaways to nearby destinations, crowds will be avoided, and we will worry about being more attentive to hygiene standards... something that should always be taken care of but will now take on a key role.

And finally, some studies say that after this experience of 'confinement', experiential tourism, transformative tourism, more sensory tourism... could eventually consolidate.

Travelling is already a fundamental part of the contemporary way of life, therefore we will continue to travel and enjoy the experience, but now, perhaps, in a more conscious way. 

Travel Tomorrow

Therefore, from Skål International we join the UNWTO campaign #TravelTomorrow and encourage you to participate by sharing your ideas with the world!

Stay at home today, stay safe and travel tomorrow!

Daniela Otero

CEO, Skål International