Skål International Photography Contest

Skål International Photo Contest 2022: In December, Tourism Now magazine will showcase your photographic talents.

Are you ready to share your best images with your Skålleagues around the world? 

Please submit your best pictures taken in 2022. Our communication committee will select their 10 favorite pictures that will be published in the Tourism Now magazine in December.



1. Send us your photo in full resolution to the email address below, with the subject 'Photography Talent'.

2. Submit your picture before 20 November 2022. 

3. Indicate your full name, your Skål International club, and the location where you took the picture.

4. Any questions? Contact us!

Important: If your picture is selected by our Communication Committee, you will need to authorize Skål International to post your picture in the Skål International Tourism Now Magazine. You will need to attest that the picture has been taken by you and is your own property.