#TopSkålleague March’23: Josefa Díaz

Josefa Díaz Delgado

Skål International Cádiz President

Josefa Díaz Delgado a businesswoman from Cadiz of recognized prestige and extensive professional career, has been an important asset for the organization of Skål international in Cadiz since her incorporation to the Association in 1977.

She has deservedly earned the title of Ambassador of Cadiz among the professionals of this association.

Working from the beginning to serve Cadiz, the tourism of our land and the promotion of our province around the world, she has traveled hundreds of thousands of kilometers, with the sole purpose of showing the benefits of our destination and its people.

Her vocation of service to the association has placed her from the beginning in different positions in the Executive Board. Being a member of Public Relations on numerous occasions since 1987, and assuming positions of greater responsibility, as Vice President, until reaching in 2006, the Presidency of Skål International Cádiz.

In this stage in which she has remained for 11 years until 2017, it is worth mentioning among all the projects in which she has worked, the creation of the Skålidad Turística Awards, awards with which Skål International de Cádiz has approached professionals and entrepreneurs, media and public institutions that work daily to make our industry in Cadiz a benchmark of quality.

All this, without forgetting her participation and involvement in the national organization for 4 years as president until 2021, with which she has turned in the same way and participating in the creation of Skål International Europe, of which she still belongs.

After the Covid period of the last few years, we have highlighted all the Skålleagues of the world through the Gran Gala Skål Andalucía.

Currently, in 2023, she is again from 2021, President of Skål International Cádiz and continues to attend events, fairs, congresses and anniversaries of the club with the intention of continuing to improve and promote the destination Cadiz as excellence in tourism.

Skål International Cádiz has created the Skål Classroom through which they offer tourism students internships and visits to companies, as well as participation in tourism fairs where Skål International has a stand with free trips and tickets.

Among its upcoming projects is the candidacy of Cadiz as the venue for the Skål International World Congress in 2025, as well as the celebration of its 50th anniversary on 15 June 2023.

Skål International Cádiz is also working on a collaboration agreement with the Cajamar entity for the training of Skål International members through networking sessions dealing with the topics of Digitalization, Protocol, use of the Skål Tool and what is Associationism.

A present and future value, Josefa Diaz Delgado, continues to work today more than ever for the interests of our national tourism industry. For Josefa Diaz the most important thing is to feel Skålleague, that is to say, totally integrated with the needs of tourism and with the people.

Working to show Cadiz to the World!!!!!