#TopSkålleague Jan’23: Jane Garcia

Jane Garcia

Skål International Mexico President

Skål International honours Jane Garcia for her extensive career in the tourism industry and her longstanding dedication to Skål International.

Among her positions in Skål International, she was President of Skål International Cancun and Skål International Isla Mujeres - Puerto Morelos, of which she was also a founding member. Since 2022 she has been actively involved as Co-President of the 'Advocacy & Global Partners' Committee and is President of the National Committee of Skål International Mexico.

On 18 January, during FITUR 2023, Jane García was awarded the 'Excelencias Turísticas' Award for her participation in social responsibility projects during 2022. She is highlighted for her participation in 'My Expression to the World, Vibrations of Mexico', a multidisciplinary event to support the rehabilitation of children in Quintana Roo, Mexico. 

In her own words:

"It is an honor to be honored as #TopSkålleague January 2023. My last 29 years has been in Mexico in the tourism and hospitality industry, and my last 10+ years of being a Skål International member has brought me great moments and opportunities of meeting many of you around the world. In 2022, I was the first lady president of Skål International Mexico bringing many achievements, alliances and building more networking for Mexico and Skålleagues around the globe. I have formed two clubs, one in 2017 which is Isla Mujeres - Puerto Morelos and the most recent Campeche on the golf side of Mexico.

Regarding Skål International Mexico, I am very proud of the many twinning initiatives we promote nationally and internationally. Last year we had a record 927 members, and four National Meetings took place, great moments of gathering, networking, exchanging tourism issues with other fellow Skålleagues from different parts of Mexico… Sustainability is very important to all Skål International clubs in Mexico and the National Committee is very supportive".

Here is a brief summary of her professional career and main achievements:

Skål International Background 

  • President, Skål International Mexico 2022-2023.

  • Co-Chairman, 'Promotion, Global Partnerships and Fairs' Committee 2023.

  • Co-Chairman, 'Promotion, Global Partnerships and Fairs' Committee 2022.

  • Founder, Skål International Campeche.

  • Vice President, Skål International Mexico 2019-2021.

  • President and Founder, Skål International Isla Mujeres - Puerto Morelos 2017.

  • Chairman, Skål International North America Congress 2018.

  • President, Skål International Cancún 2015-2016.

Awards and recognitions:

  • 2023 FITUR: Excelencias Turísticas Award.

  • 2022 - Skål International World Congress 2022: Certificates of Appreciation and Ambassador of the Year.

  • 2016 Skål International Monaco World Congress: Skål International Order of Merit Award.

  • 2016: Skål International Cancun, Club of the Year during his presidency.

  • 2016 Skål International Monaco World Congress: Skål International Sustainable Tourism Award to Maya Ka'an, Quintana Roo Mexico.

  • 2015 Skål International World Congress Torremolinos: Skål International Sustainable Tourism Award to Xcaret Park, Quintana Roo Mexico.

  • 2017: Honorary Doctorate in Leaders of Excellence in Cancun, Mexico.