November'22 Council Corner

Irena Persic Zivadinov

International Skål Councillor Croatia & Director of Kvarner Region Tourist Board

Skål International World Congress in Kvarner Region was our dream… & the dream came true.

The Skål International World Congress (SIWC) in Kvarner region was the dream of our club Skål International Kvarner for so many years.

In 2016 we began the preparations for the demanding candidacy, and in 2018 Kvarner region was elected for SIWC 2020 – in the European Capital of Culture. I have to say that through the International Skål Council and our representative at the International Skål Council at that time, Mrs. Katica Hauptfeld, we had the great opportunity to present our dream about the Congress among other members. 

Through the International Skål Council with representatives from so many countries, we had the possibility to promote the Region all around the world. 

Thanks to the first-class premises of one of the most attractive European tourist destinations, which is also the destination with the longest tradition of tourism in Croatia, dating back to the 19th century, and today with the most modern touristic offer, Kvarner and the cities of Opatija and Rijeka were the stage of the unforgettable SIWC

Despite all the difficulties and obstacles in the past challenging years, the adaptation of the SIWC for the year 2022 for the Organizing committee under my chairmanship in two mandates and the current president Tamara Černeka, resulted in programs and contents that enjoyed participants from 40 countries around the world

SIWC in Kvarner Region brought also many positive things to us here in Croatia. A lot of people were involved in the organization and we had to work very closely and in synergy, all as one. We worked with our souls and hearts… and this was fantastic and at the end was recognized and worth. We had the support of the Kvarner County, cities from Rijeka and Opatija, national and local tourist boards, Ministry of tourism… and last but not least, the experience of our dear Skålleagues Nik Racic and Zlatan Fröhlich. We are proud of this World Congress that gave us the opportunity to present Kvarner tourism on a global level, to help each other and to spread good impressions from the destination among other Skålleagues and beyond. 

I am happy that as a member of the International Skål Council I can proceed with my work in promoting Croatia, Kvarner region and awake the memories of the successful SIWC in the European Capital of Culture.

We are looking forward to future Skålleagues meetings and doing much more business among friends.

Irena Persic Zivadinov

International Skål Councillor Croatia & Director of Kvarner Region Tourist Board