Luigi Sciarra, Skålleague of the Month

Luigi Sciarra

President Skål International Roma (Italy) 

I am very excited and honored to be selected as Skålleague of the month.

My entire academic and work experiences are centered in the hotel industry. 

My responsibilities and roles over the years have progressed from the most basic up to consultancy roles (over 25 years as hotel general manager).

As you know I am proud to belong to the Skål International family for the past six years.

My primary commitment is to bring the Skål association and my club to be present wherever Tourism is concerned: talking with operators in order to make the Skål International family great, and looking for new young managers because we have to think of our future.

I created two new clubs in Italy and I always support them to make them grow. Last week I was in Napoli supporting the presentation to the press and society of a book written by Skålleague Giussepe Taranto, Vice President of Skål International Napoli, a club that I formed.

How? Studying the territory and the opportunities that can be created using my 40 years in the hospitality industry… finding the right person and making them fall in love with the project… how to make them fall in love is my skill (joke).

I am an ethical person but I think that I am able to listen first and then speak. Hoping that I have shared with all of you my Skål spirit!

My commitment is to convey the values and advantages of being a part of the Skål International family to anyone in our industry that I meet while working to create new clubs and helping them in their growth.