January'23 Message from the President

Juan I. Steta

Skål International President, 2023

Dear Skålleagues,

First of all, I do hope 2023 will bring you ‘Happiness, Good Health, Friendship and Long Life’.

In this, my first communication of the year, I gladly inform you that my theme and goal for this year will be:

"Transition to enhanced continuity"

A number of tasks were undertaken last year that cannot be left uncompleted starting with our new governance model

As Past President Burcin Turkkan informed in due course, a Transition Committee has been incorporated with 16 members from around the world. It is Co-Chaired by four outstanding Skålleagues. As I have mentioned in the short video I sent you at the end of last year, the Committee will have to accomplish most of their work by the end of April to give sufficient time to all Clubs, and National and Area Committees, to get acquainted with the election process that will take place in each of the 14 Regions before the Quebec Congress. In the elections to take place, not only 12 Directors will be elected, but also the 2024 President and the Vice President, one Auditor and the new Membres d´Honneur. In this process, the role of the ISC and that of the Staff in the Secretariat General will be of utmost importance.

Most of the established Committees in 2022 will be maintained, some with enhanced responsibilities such as the Advocacy and Global Partnership Committee that will now incorporate Trade Shows under its umbrella.

In the next few days, I will be sending a communicate with the list of Committees with their Co-Chairs, together with the Portfolios assigned to the different Executive Board Members. You will be more than welcome to join one of them.

On the other hand, I would also like to inform you that at the end of last year a decision was taken to transition to a new IT company, with the objective, not only to solve the different problems we have experienced in our digital platform and reduce costs but, most importantly, to increase the engagement of our members. The transition process has already started and is scheduled to be completed within the next 6 to 8 months. I will keep you informed about its development.

At this point, I would also like to insist that you download the Skål International App (i.e., #SkalApp) for iPhone on AppStore*, or for Android on Google Play**. Remember that the app works very well and all updates are featured on this platform including the next World Congress that will take place in Quebec City, as well as the new training videos issued by the Training & Education Committee. Also, as Past President Burcin Turkkan informed, the app allows you to create your own connection list among Skålleagues and interact on the app as well. 

We, the 2023 Skål International Executive Board, are at your service, so don’t hesitate to contact us. 

“Con un fuerte abrazo Skål”

Juan I. Steta

Skål International President, 2023

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