August'22 Council Corner

Julie Dabaly Scott

President International Skål Council

Who we are and what we do

The International Skål Council comprises of the President, Senior and Junior Vice Presidents, Secretary and the elected Councillors representing the National and Area Committees.

Today we have 33 Councillors representing National and Area Committees (see details here).

The position of Councillor is an important one as the Councillor is the link between the Council and the National or Area Committee. The elected Councillor must have a good knowledge of Skål International and its procedures, being a member of the National or Area Committee for a minimum of two years and having held office on the Board of his/her own club.

The International Council holds at least two meetings annually to discuss matters within its authority. One of the meetings is the Annual Meeting held during the Skål International World Congress and the Mid-Year Meeting. We also hold virtual meeting as and when it is required.

The Council acts as the advisory body to Skål International. Its powers and duties are:

  • To examine and advise upon propositions of international importance drawn up by the Executive Committee for the administration of Skål International.

  • The coordination of the opinions of the National and Area Committees.

  • To study, advise and recommend on matters relating to Skål International and its organisation.

  • To examine and make recommendations to the Executive Committee concerning two congress sites to be considered by the General Assembly for future Assemblies.

  • The appointment of working or study groups for special missions.

  • To propose to the Executive Committee, procedures and regulations and subsequent amendments to the same, in respect of the working of the Council, including its rights and duties. If agreed by the Executive Committee, they shall be reflected in the Council Operations Manual.

The Councillors are responsible of the maintenance and vitality of the Florimond Volckaert Fund (FVF). Promoting the fund is the responsibilities of each Councillor in their area of responsibility.

The Council must keep the National or Area Committees informed of the workings of the International Council and the Executive Committee of Skål International. It is also our duty to inform the delegates of the Clubs we represent of the details of the persons nominated for different elections at General Assemblies.

It is a distinction to be an International Councillor.

It is also a position that carries responsibilities to the National or Area Committee that has chosen us for the position, to the other International Councillors, the President, Vice Presidents and to the Skål International Movement worldwide.

We are called upon to give the views of our National or Area Committee and to make decisions that will affect the future working of Skål International and to think of the overall interest of the Movement.

Councillors do their roles and work and that as they gain more experience and insight into the international side of Skål International they will go forward to higher positions as we have seen in our leaders at the top many were former Councillors. That is all through dedication, ability, and ambition to reach the top of our worldwide Movement.

The travel and tourism industry is amongst the most important service industries worldwide today. The rate of expansion and opportunities in our industry have shown, not only a desirability but also a necessity for an international networking organisation, based on friendship, common interest, understanding and peaceful coexistence worldwide.

We, as all other people in the world, need to conserve our diminishing nature and environment, not only in our own countries but also on a worldwide basis. Time and recent world events have shown that our line of business is very sensitive to world events. We in Skål International should all be working to bring everyone in the world closer together, without discrimination or aggression. As International Councillor, even more so to the ordinary member of Skål International. We can and are working towards the aims already understood by the founders of our international Movement in 1934.

Works that has been done by the Council recently include but are not limited to:

  • The Council put forward a change to the Congress Program - no more 10–12-hour AGA days - this was passed.

  • The Council put together the Membership Development fund - proposal and wrote the criteria and put in in place.

  • Pre pandemic – The Council ran on line auctions to raise funds for MDF.

  • The Council did the work on changes to the Sustainability awards with Secretariate.

  • Clubs in crisis is ongoing: Ghana and Italy, Kenya and Ethiopia are example of ongoing success where support has been provided to retain existence of clubs.

  • Membership work on the data base with the Secretariat - Re programming data base - this was work to give the data base logic and make it easier to work with for our members.

  • Councillors work with their clubs to make sure all Clubs membership fees are paid on time. 

  • Councillors work on raising fund for the FVF.

Julie Dabaly Scott

President International Skål Council