Appointment of Hulya Aslantas as the Interim Vice President

Dear Skålleagues,

As you know, the Skål International Executive Board 2022 currently has one seat available due to the recent 2021 AGM election results.

In the two elections conducted, the votes for the second candidate for the Vice President position remained below %50+1. As a result, immediate Past-President Bill Rheaume had communicated that the 2022 Executive Committee would convey an Extraordinary General Meeting.

However, at a January 13th meeting, the Skål International Executive Committee did not find grounds to support Past-President Bill Rheaume proposal and, hence, voted down unanimously the possibility to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting to conduct additional elections.

Following this decision the Executive Committee, based on our Statutes and By-Laws, decided to make a temporary appointment to the Skål International Executive Committee for the year 2022, as the Executive Board needs full assistance to achieve the goals for the year.

After a long review, considering her past accomplishments as Skål International President and her continuing active involvement in the global travel and tourism industry, I have decided to propose Past-President & Florimond Volckaert Fund Trustee Hulya Aslantas to be invited as the interim Vice President to the Skål International Executive Committee.

The majority of the Skål International Executive Committee agreed with the motion and Past-President Hulya Aslantas has honored to accept the invitation.

Hulya will join the Executive Committee effective immediately with portfolio responsibilities for the Technology, Innovation and Special Projects.

We welcome Past-President Hulya Aslantas back to the Executive Committee and look forward to sharing her experience and engagement.

Best regards.

Burcin Turkkan

President, Skål International 2022