Skål International Lima and Skål International Cusco Twinning

The Presidents of Skål International Lima, Carlos Lopez and Skål International Cusco, Maria del Pilar Salas, recently held a ceremony to sign a twinning agreement between the two clubs.

This commitment aims to join forces and take full advantage of the tourism tools available to recover the number of tourists we are used to, and of course try to surpass it in the near future.

Both Skål International Lima and Skål International Cusco will put all their efforts, knowledge and resources at the service of this agreement.

Skål International is the largest association of tourism executives in the world, with close to 13,000 members worldwide and more than 300 clubs.

We are confident that very soon we will be welcoming happy tourists fortunate enough to see one of the seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu, located in Cuzco, Peru. Hopefully you will be among them and will be able to enjoy these tourist destinations in Peru.

We give you all the warmest welcome.

Long live Peru!