National Board Meeting of Skål International Mexico 2023

The first National Board Meeting of Skål International Mexico took place in January in the beautiful Bays of Huatulco in Oaxaca, Mexico, a destination with the international sustainability certification Earthcheck (the only one in the world at Master level).

At this assembly, the 2023 Board of Directors of Skål International Mexico presented the budget and work plan for 2023, the Board was sworn in and a Gala Dinner was held at Secrets Huatulco Resort & Spa for the 2023 Board of Directors of Skål International Mexico.

More than 120 Skålleagues from 23 clubs in the country attended, as well as guests from the board of Skål International: Burcin Turkan (Past President), Juan Ignacio Steta (President), Annette Cardenas (Vice President) and Andres Hayes (Director). The Deputy Secretary of Tourism of the Federal of Mexico, Humberto Hernandez Haddad, was also present.

The Board of Directors and the 2023 Committee are conformed as follows:

Angélica Angón: National President 2023

Gustavo Bolio: First National Vice President

Gabriel Larrea: Second National Vice President

Maylen Jean: National Treasurer

Ricardo Inzunza: National Secretary

Daniel Sanchez: First Comisario

Mauricio Saldaña: Second Commissioner

Jane Garcia: National Past President

Rafael Juan Millan Perez: Presidential Advisor

Enrique Flores Altamirano: International Advisor

Carlos Cruz: Vocal Networking

Maggie Arroyo Spamer: Sustainability and Social Work Vocal Member

Pedro Castelan Reyna: Member of the Board for Membership Value

Ricardo Segovia: Medical Tourism and Wellness Vocal Member

Bety Ferreras Bernardo: Communications Vocal Member

Ricardo Córdova: Vocal Member of Bylaws