Skål Exchange Programme - International Skål Council

Greetings from Nairobi,

I am the International Councillor for Nairobi and also the Secretary of the International Skal Councillor. Today, I would like to advise you of a project we are working on at Council – The Skal Exchange Programme.  

Below I am sharing words of former ISC member Arshad Khokhar from Skål International Norden:

I religiously believe in the aristocracy of personal accomplishments. Therefore, based on my belief, the higher you aim, the higher you will go.”

At our Skål International congress 2019, I presented the Exchange Programme, which has been discussed at Council and welcomed as a worthwhile concept. We believe this is in line with the philosophy of friendship, working together and cooperation in order to achieve great results and rewards. 

In the Greek ideal, the best and the strongest emotional bonds between equals are that of genuine friendship. 

Friendship is the strongest bond between people who share universal values, respect, tolerance, respect of diversity, democracy, understanding of cultures, religions and races. In travelling, one gets the benefit of knowledge. One must go to look and see, to learn, to sympathise and understand. The peak of tolerance is most readily achieved by those are not burdened with convictions and are well travelled. 

Therefore, Skål Exchange Programme would most probably facilitate the following benefits, provided the programme is implemented properly:

  • To promote the Skål International spirit.

  • To develop friendship between Skålleagues.

  • To learn how different Skål clubs operate.

  • To discover a new destination.

  • To experience a different culture.

  • To make more friends.

  • To do business among friends.

  • To have a better understanding of them.

  • To create positive relations

  • To create good relationships among Skålleagues.

Skål Exchange Programme Details

The details of Skål Exchange Programme are as the following
  • A Skål International Member of a Club, let’s say, a Member of Skål International Malaga is invited by Skål International Bergen to visit Bergen for one week with the understanding that a Member of Skål International Bergen would also be invited by Skål International Malaga. This process should be initiated and handled by Presidents of the respective clubs. 

  • Duration of the visit would be one week. 

  • Stay of the respective members would be complimentary, hotel, food & beverages during the meals & airport transfers.

  • The respective members or their clubs would pay their airfares. 

  • The Exchange Skålleagues would have their own insurance during their stay. 

  • Exchange Skålleagues pay their incidental charges at the hotels. 

  • Exchange Skålleagues should represent their club and country in an honourable manner.

Here are a few ideas what would an Exchange Skålleague do during his or her stay

The Exchange Skålleague would work with Skålleagues of the host country of their respective work places.

  • First two days at a hotel 

  • The next two days at a travel agency

  • The next two days either at tourist attraction or an airline office 

  • One day free for sightseeing or whatever one prefers to do. 

  • The host club would have the privilege to make a plan, which would, convenient and practical for them.

Your Council is working on many projects. The Exchange Program being one we are moving forward on.

If I can be of any assistance, please contact me or touch base with your own Skål Councillor.


Julie Dalaby Scott

International Skål Councillor Nairobi 
Secretary, International Skål Council