January'20 Digital Transformation Update

Dear Skålleague,

The new Skål International Platform is now up and running.

Many of you have already experienced it... but if not, we encourage you to try!

First of all, follow the steps in the tutorials below in order to change your password and have access to the platform:


Once on the platform you can enter your profile and update your data. This will be very useful for you as well as for other members in order to get in touch and establish personal and commercial connections and start potential new businesses.

Some of the new functionalities

Beware with phishing e-mails

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that some Skålleagues have received phishing e-mails, requesting personal information. Please take a moment and always remember to check that the emails received from Skål International have the @skal.org or @skal.travel domain and any interaction on the Skål website is done from the correct url skal.org.