Effective communication in social media: Hashtags

Every day we post on our social media with the desire to impact our followers, highlight our company or interact with the online community.

 But are we really doing it right?

Considering that social media are a real opportunity to connect with my audience, we must take proper care of the content we publish.

In this occasion we will give you some quick tips for using hashtags. What do you know about them?

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Link content 

The hashtag's purpose is to link content (a specific topic, event, theme or conversation). All content that incorporates a specific hashtag is linked forever!

That is why it is so important to stop and think about your content strategy beforehand!

They always start with # 

And can be formed by a word, numbers or even phrases. But be careful, do not use spaces, punctuation marks or symbols, because they will not work. 

Do not use too complex hashtags either, because it will be difficult for people to remember them.

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Used in most social media

They are currently used by most social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram...
So you have no excuses!

Create your own, or use an existing one  

You can invent the one you want or use existing ones, but always check their scope before using them, also check that they are used for the purpose you want, do not get a surprise!

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Great potential for event promotion

In the case of events or topics of interest in your promotional campaigns, make sure that your users and colleagues use the exact same hashtag.
Any variation will detract from your purpose of linking all content in the same 'link'.

Quality vs. quantity

Limit the number of hashtags in each post.
More is not always better. In fact, it could look like spam.

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Boost the visibility of the post

Hashtags generally make your posts more visible as the conversation becomes global, which also promotes more interactions!

Skål International hashtags

Some examples of hashtags managed by Skål International to use and follow:

#SkalInternational #Skalleagues #Skalegas #SkalApp

#SkalNews #DoingBusinessAmongFriends  

#SkalNow #TourismNow #SkalAwards #STA

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