Great success of entries for the 20th edition of the Sustainable Tourism Awards

The 20th edition of the Sustainable Tourism Awards has proved to be another success, with 50 entries received from 27 countries worldwide.

Since the launch of these awards during 2002, the International Year of Ecotourism, we have counted with the interest of 907 participants from the public and private sectors, NGO's and government agencies to enter these awards.

We have the pleasure of sharing with you the list of participants who have entered eight different categories:


  • Community and Government Projects

  • Countryside and Biodiversity

  • Educational programs and Media

  • Major Tourist Attractions

  • Marine and Coastal

  • Rural Accommodation 

  • Tour Operators-Travel Agents

  • Urban Accommodation

Jury's Evaluation

The jury made up of prominent representatives from distinguished international organizations is currently evaluating all entries until 15 October. Their evaluation will have to analyze and score the entrants' sustainable initiatives' environmental, social, and economic aspects: 


  • Nature preservation.

  • Carbon offsetting and climate change mitigation.

  • Energy, water-saving, renewable energy, waste management.

  • Animal welfare and preservation (when applicable).


  • Culture preservation.

  • Local community involvement.

  • Human rights protection.

  • Health and safety for employees and guests.


  • Local employment.

  • Employee participation and training.

  • The economic viability of the business.

  • Marketing and brand enhancement.

Special Skål-Biosphere Award 

For the third consecutive year, Skål International is delighted to partner with Biosphere Tourism and the Responsible Tourism Institute in the Sustainable Tourism Awards.

Biosphere Tourism will award one of the winners a free one-year subscription to the new Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle platform. This 100% online tool allows the creation of personalized Sustainability Plans for continuous improvement and recognition of any company's efforts in sustainable development, involving employees and connecting with customers. Instead of completing a static questionnaire, Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle helps to improve sustainability management by selecting from more than 400 sustainable activities and actions, linked to the 169 goals of the 2030 Agenda, those that best suit the resources of each entity, with the possibility of even adding new sustainable activities explicitly created for the company itself.

Winners And Jury Announcement

The Sustainable Tourism Awards ceremony usually takes place during the Opening Ceremony of our annual Skål International World Congress. Due to the cancellation of this highlight because of the restrictions, the winners will be announced during the Skål International virtual General Assembly to be held on 10 December. 

For queries regarding the Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards, please contact us.