Skål International World Congress 2022 in Croatia

The Skål International World Congress 2022 will take place from 13-18 October 2022 in Rijeka - Opatija, Kvarner Region, Croatia.

The 81st Skål International World Congress will be held in person after two years of pandemic.

Skål International Kvarner is the host club for this 2022 edition, which will welcome all Skål International world delegates in mid-October.

Tamara Černeka, Skål International Kvarner President, states: “It is our honour to host you at the 81st Skål International World Congress in Kvarner Region; in Opatija and Rijeka. After two years of a pandemic where our industry has taken the brunt of the damage it is time for all of us to see each other – finally”.

Discover a country full of history, culture, natural spaces, delicious gastronomy and wonderful people. In Tamara Černeka’s words: “Kvarner region is the cradle of Croatian tourism where the story of Croatian tourism begun. Let us bring you closer to our motto of the region ‘Diversity is beautiful’; experience the beauty of Opatija our ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, discover why Rijeka was ‘European city of culture 2020’, see our spectacular rocky coast surrounded with mountains, enjoy our excellent Mediterranean cuisine, excellent wine”.

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Register now, make your online booking and attend this World Congress where we can meet again in person, do business among friends and enjoy good company and great events.

Don't wait any longer, Croatia is waiting to welcome you to this World Congress and to share and build together a stronger organisation. “Let's start rebuilding tourism together sharing experiences and ideas right here, in Croatia; a country full of life”, says Tamara Černeka.

Cancellation policy

The 81st Skål International World Congress is extending the refundable cancellation policy until the 1st of September.

The HQ Hotel Ambasador is selling out quickly, so make sure to register for the congress and book one of our amazing tours!

Don't forget to also check out the stunning Heritage Hotel Imperial that is best situated for all congress events, just a few minutes walk from all the venues.

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